The Imperial Constantinian

Military Order of Saint George



Grand Prior


HE Chevalier William Lowe, GOSG Grand Prior




Magisterial Council



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Priory of the Mts       Heralds Office      Logothete       Press Officer       O of MG       Secretary       Archivist       Priory of the Plains




HE Chevalier William Lowe, GOSG Grand Prior


HE Chevalier Richard Ward, GOSG - Priory of the Mountains


HE Chevalier Shawn Stansbury - Heralds Office


HE Chevalier Glen Campbell- Heralds Office


HE Chevalier Kevin Lowe - Logothete


HE Chevalier Alex Hernandez - Press Officer


HE Chevalier Joc Campbell - O of MG


HE Dame Peggy Young - Secretary


HE Chevalier Doyle Stansbury - Archivist


HE Dame Barbara Webb - Liaison to Kansas


HE Rev. David Clark - Chaplain


HE Chevalier Michael Patriche, GOSGPriory of the Plains


His Excellency Dr. James Baron of Brusa Durward, GCCSG, FSA Scot,  
and Deputy Grand Master of the Order - Associate Member to the Magisterial Council